How to Recognise Adult Ear Infection
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How to Recognise Adult Ear Infection

There are many different types of ear infections that cause a variety of problems. This article contains some information about adult ear infections including the causes, complications, symptoms and treatments.

There are many different types of ear infections that cause a variety of problems. This article contains some information about adult ear infections including the causes, complications, symptoms and treatments.

What's the difference between a bacterial infection and a viral infection?

The only difference with bacterial and viral infections is that bacterial infections are caused by bacteria while viral infections are caused by viruses. Bacterial infections are always easier to treat than viral infections.

1) Adult Ear Infections

Adult ear infections occur less frequently than the infections in children. However, you need to know the importance of what the adult ear infections could do to the adults.

Causes of Adult Ear Infection:

Adult ear infection is caused by an infection in the Eustachian tube which is near the inner ear. The connection between the inner ear and the nasal passages help drain the fluid from the ear and balance the pressure between the outside and inside of the body. Once fluid and mucous collects up inside the Eustachian tube, it becomes a prey for infection.

Suffering from a cold causes build up of fluid and could easily trigger an ear infection inside the Eustachian tube. Blowing the nose may send mucous into the Eustachian tubes and other causes such as failing to clear any liquid out of the ear after a shower.

Complications of Adult Ear Infections:

Complications of adult ear infections include fluid in the ear, pressure and pain. One reason why the pressure and pain occur is because the tissue inside the inner ear swells up either due to infection or trapped fluid.

Hearing loss is another complication of adult ear infection. The reason why is because the fluid blocks the tube which prevents sound from reaching the ear. Fortunately, the hearing loss is just a temporary problem and will go away once the infection is treated.

Treatments for Adult Ear Infection:

Antibiotics are the best known treatment for adult ear infections. They can be used for both bacterial and viral infections which we will learn about below. When the infection is bacterial, the infections are easy to treat and the recovery is rather quick. Viral infections are harder to treat and can last longer. One treatment for ear infection is Myringtomy which is a procedure involving a plastic tube being inserted into the eardrum. This helps regulate the passage of fluid and relieve pressure. As soon as the job is done, it falls out automatically.

Symptoms of Adult Ear Infection:

• Ear blockage

• Temporary hearing loss

• Pain in the ear

• Fever

• Dizziness


Overall, many ear infections effect people of any age. It’s important that you identify the symptoms early for a quicker treatment.

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