Diagnosis Treatment of Ear Infections in Your Baby
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Diagnosis Treatment of Ear Infections in Your Baby

When you have a baby, all their needs, their care, their health is totally in our hands. Of course, these little darlings cannot tell us if they are feeling poorly so you as the parent need to know the signs and their particular cries, their only way of letting you know how they feel and what is bothering them. One of the most painful things that your baby can experience is a throbbing ear ache and ear infections.

If your baby has a drastic change in his behavior, gets really fussy, with excessive crying, there is definitely a problem. Take note if there is any kind of fever present as well. Many ear infections seem to happen following a common cold or sinus infection. In addition to some of these signs you may also notice your baby pulling and tugging at his ear which may be a definite clue as to an infection present. Just note that sometimes babies just like to play with their ear or other parts of their body so don’t panic unless you notice some of the other signs mentioned.

Some of the other signs may be hat your baby gets diarrhea, your baby may have a loss of appetite as it may become painful for them to swallow, or you may notice a yellow discharge from the ear, followed by a foul odor.

An ear infection is usually caused by a bacteria or a virus, which happens when fluid builds up behind the baby’s eardrum & gets infected. There is a tube in the ear which normally fluids leave through except that sometimes this tube gets blocked, especially after a cold or sinus infection and then the fluids get trapped and thusly infected. This tube is very short and horizontal in infants making them much more susceptible to ear infections. A fever may develop as your baby’s body tries to fight off the infection. Babies who use pacifiers are at 33% high risk of these infections as those who do not use pacifiers.

Be sure to call your doctor as soon as you suspect that your baby may have an ear ache/infection. It is estimated that all children by age 3 will experience some sort of ear problems. Your doctor will probably want to prescribe an antibiotic immediately for your baby. Be sure to give the full prescription and then follow up again with your doctor to be sure the medicine did its full job. You may also be asked to give baby small amounts of children's acetaminophen or ibuprofen to relieve any pain caused by the infection.

There are little things that you can do to lessen the chances of future ear infections. The most obvious is to wash hands often to keep germs at bay from your baby. Be sure baby is completely up to date with all vaccinations so that illnesses can be prevented, breastfeed baby for a minimum of 6 months to build up the immune system, and limit baby to tobacco smoke as it also suppresses the immune system.

In some cases where children get repeated ear infections, it may be necessary to go through a minor surgical procedure to insert tubes in the ears to help with drainage. These tubes act as a vent, letting air in and fluid out so bacteria can't flourish. Babies who otherwise get the repeated infections are also at risk for hearing loss, speech impairment and more . . . so inserting these tubes may be beneficial. Speak with your doctor about the pros and cons of this surgical procedure.

An ear infection, untreated, can become a very serious situation and lead to other complications . . . not to mention, so very painful for baby. Do all you can, as soon as you can, to get the treatment needed. After all, the last thing we ever want is to our children suffer any kind of pain.

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