Ear Infection
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Ear Infection

Most children make use of cotton buds everyday, thinking that this is the safer way to clean their ears. Little they know that this practice is no safer than using hairpins, matchsticks or toothpicks according to researchers. Ear infection is common among children and some emergency treatment can be done.

Ear Infections

Most children make use of cotton buds everyday, thinking that this is the safer way to clean their ears.  Little they know that this practice is no safer than using hairpins, matchstick or toothpicks according to researchers.  Medical doctors cited that ears should be cleaned with soapy water and the little finger.  If you are not careful, cotton buds are most likely to push the wax back, and you might even puncture your eardrums.  If you do not clean your ears at all, excessive wax accumulates.  If wax is impacted, it can cause decreased hearing, a plug feeling, ear pain and ringing in the ear.  Furthermore, cleaning the ears daily will also deprive the ears of wax that warms and protects the ear canal from germs and water, medical doctors added.

Children ear infection

In children the eardrum can rupture due to infection from loud blasting sound, from diving into the water, by foreign objects poked into the ear, or from a head injury. According to a pediatrician, in infant, water in the ear does not cause ear infections.  Water infection is very uncommon in babies, even those who spent a lot of time in water.  It is the germs that enter the ear through the back of the nose or throat that cause ear infection and the bacteria live in the ear canal.  From the Family Emergency Handbook the following are signs and symptoms that there is an ear injury in children: Pain, bleeding from ear canal and loss of hearing.

Ear Infection treatment

According to the author of the handbook the following treatment can be done:

1) Treat head injury first if there is bleeding and if the skull is fracture.

2) Do not try to stop bleeding from ear canal.

3) Cover outside of ear with a clean cloth or bandage to absorb blood.

4) Place the child on affected side so ear is  downward allowing drainage.  Do not move the child if serious head, neck, or back injuries is suspected unless his/her life is in danger.

5) Assistance medical.  Call for medical assistance immediately.

Ear infection home remedy:  In children  the common objects put into ears are beads, cotton, paper, beans, or peas.  Sometimes an insect may enter the ear canal.  According to medical experts  the following emergency treatment can be done:

1) Place several drops of warm baby oil (mineral oil may be used) into the ear to kill a buzzing insect. To have the insect removed seek medical attention.

2) Paper or cotton can be removed carefully with tweezers.  Tweezers is a small pincer like implement held between the thumb and forefinger for grasping or extracting something.  It is important to seek medical attention to be sure that all materials has been removed.

3) Hard objects  such as peas, beads, beans should be removed by a physician.

4) Do not attempt to flush out the objects with water or oil for it may induce swelling inside the ear.


Family Emergency Handbook 1987 ISBN 971-30-1234-8

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