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How to Get Rid of Ant or Insects Inside Your Ear

getting rid of ant or insects in your ear could be very hard unless you know how.

Imagine if you cannot get rid of the ant nibbling into your ear. It hurts and it hurts like hell. Ants or other insects when they manage to get in the ear could be a very painful experience. What’s worse you aren’t sure if you could get the insect out of your ear. And if you can then how long could you endure the pain? Going to the doctor makes it worse especially if you are several kilometers away from the EENT.

This was my experience with ants getting inside the ear. I was roused from my deep slumber at two in the morning with a throbbing ear. Oh my God, something was nibbling in my ear and it hurt like hell. I realized that an insect got into my ear while I was asleep and I was sure it was an ant.

I panicked. How could I ever let the tiny insect out of my ear? I stuck my finger in my ear to try to ease the pain and the squirming inside stopped for a while so I was relieved. Perhaps I was able to prevent the ant from breathing so it stopped squirming. But that was only a few seconds because there it went again and my ear felt like splitting to pieces. I left my finger stuck in my ear as I hurried downstairs to find something to ease the pain.

The first thing I thought was to surf the net for the answer to my problem. But then my internet was as slow as a snail and it would take minutes before I could get the answer. I thought instead of calling my aunt who has always solutions for anything under the sun. Then I remembered some things that I heard and read.

Here are some of the tips to get rid of an insect inside your ears.

• Drop oil in your ear to drown the insect. Flush out the oil and insect with lukewarm water afterwards. Use an ear syringe to do it. You can ask someone to do it for you if you aren’t sure what to do. Ear syringe is very important so include this in your medicine kit.

• Wet a cotton ball with alcohol and use it to get the ant out of your ear but be careful because this will be painful. The insect will be forced to come out once it smells the alcohol.

• Flush the insect with lukewarm water using the ear syringe.


Insect getting into the ear is not common. This is a rare case but in order to avoid it from happening you should always apply the prevention.

Always make sure that your bedroom is free from any insects. Ants love places where there is food so get rid of all food residues in your bedroom.

Always check for insects that may have entered your bedroom and get rid of them.

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Comments (6)

great article , and very helpful my advice to get ride of bed insects is to keep your bed clean and always see your bed to sun to have . trust me i always use this way

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Thank you marwa hady for visiting and commenting.  I agree that the bed should always be clean.

i have transulated this article to arabic and added to my site

the ways is great to help any one to get ride off insects 

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