How to Naturally Treat Swimmer's Ear
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How to Naturally Treat Swimmer's Ear

There are ways for you to naturally treat swimmerÂ’s ear without a prescription.

Swimmer’s ear is an outer ear infection that can be very painful. Although one can get swimmer’s ear after swimming, you can also get it if you haven’t been swimming recently. You can get swimmer’s ear by washing your hair in the shower and having water get stuck in your ear canal. You may experience itchiness and some discharge from your ear.

Hot Damp Washcloth: Applying a hot, well wrung out washcloth may help you feel some relief. Simply apply the washcloth to the outside of your ear so the steam is able to get up into your ear. This will help loosen any wax build up that may be trapping any excess liquid or water in your ear.

Warm Oil: Warm vegetable oil is commonly known to help soothe any earaches. Simply warm up vegetable oil in a mug in the microwave for about 15 seconds. Be sure to test the oil on your skin to make sure it’s not too hot. Next, use a straw and place your finger on the top to get a small amount of oil in the straw. Tilt your head to the side and place it in your ear in which you are experiencing pain. This oil technique will not cure swimmer’s ear but will definitely help you find some relief.

Vinegar: Mixing equal parts of vinegar with water and using a dropper to place a few drops in your ear will prevent any bacteria from growing. Often times when a person gets swimmer’s ear, bacteria will build up and grow inside the ear canal. The vinegar will prevent any bacteria from being able to grow.

Time and Rest: Simply giving your ear time to heal will help you feel better. In some cases the water that is in your ear will be dislodged and the pressure that was built up will instantly diminish. Getting an adequate amount of rest during this time will take your mind off of the pain.

If the pain associated with swimmer’s ear is unbearable it is important to see a doctor. However, there are many natural remedies out there that have been proven to naturally treat swimmer’s ear. The best way to treat swimmer’s ear is to prevent it. You can prevent it by keeping your ear dry. Avoid going under the water if you can. There are also ear plugs you can use if you are going to be swimming.

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Comments (2)

I am all for natural remedies. This is great.

My ears always pain whenever I do swimming. Recently I have consulted to a doctor and I got a drstic change in my hearing efficiency. It was really good.