How To Treat An Ear Infection With Baby Oil, Garlic, And Q-tips
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How To Treat An Ear Infection With Baby Oil, Garlic, And Q-tips


Ear infection is a common problem and there are various reasons for it. One of it being cold. Cold causes the swelling of the tube which connects the ear to the throat (this tube is referred to as the Eustachian tube). Swelling causes blockage which traps the fluid inside the ear. In some cases, blocking of this tube causes ear infection.

Garlic has anti-bacterial properties which helps in relieving the pain and curing ear infections. Garlic is a natural blood thinner and hence, its consumption must be avoided in case other blood thinning medicines are taken. Those who are going to undergo a surgery or those suffering from blood disorders, should stay away from garlic oil.

Garlic Oil Treatment for Ear Infection

Method 1:

There are various potential methods of making garlic oil for curing ear infection. One option is making it in the microwave. Though this is the easiest method, this oil cannot be used for a longer span of time. For making the oil through this method, heat oil and garlic together in a bowl for a minute or till it becomes sufficiently warm. Allow it to cool down and then pour it in your ear with a Q-tip or a dropper. Make sure you use this oil within a day or two as this ear pain home remedy is not effective after that. This is an effective treatment using garlic oil for ear infection.

Method 2:

Another option is to allow the garlic and oil to mix thoroughly. This oil is effective for a week. For this method, add some garlic to oil and pour this solution in a mason jar. Seal the jar tightly and store it in a cool and dry place. This oil is ready to be used after a week. This earache treatment at home can prove to be very effective. An easy home treatment using garlic oil for ear infection is highly beneficial in case the does not subside for a few days.

Method 3:

Garlic, in combination with olive oil, has also proved to be a good remedy. Boil two peeled cloves of garlic in a cup of olive oil for 10 minutes. After boiling, strain the solution. For straining, you can use a cheesecloth. The next step after straining is to pour the solution in a jar with the lid sealed tightly and to place this jar in the refrigerator. This readies your garlic oil ear drop which can be used for three weeks and is sure to give you some ear pain relief. But, make sure that the oil is not too hot. With a dropper, you can put 1 to 2 drops of this oil in the infected ear. After you pour garlic oil in your ears, gently place cotton in your ears so that the oil does not fall off. For quick relief, use this garlic oil drops after every two hours.

With one of the methods mentioned above, you can prepare garlic oil ear drops which will help in healing ear infections.

Apart from healing ear infection, garlic oil also has other benefits. Lets take a look at some garlic oil benefits. The sulfide present in the garlic oil consists of antibiotic properties which helps in strengthening of the immune system and also helps fight cancer. The lymphatic system divides this sulfide evenly throughout the body. It also prevents the formation of blood clots. The chemical compound named ajoene present in garlic oil helps in avoiding blood clots. This oil also prevents the formation of tumor. The oil is effective against stomach cancer and development of prostate. It is also used for curing respiratory infections, treating intestinal issues and skin diseases. Applying garlic also helps in healing of wounds and helps is fighting infections. The oil even helps in reducing the cholesterol level. Read more on diagram of the ear and its function which will help you understand its functioning in a better way.

As mentioned above, garlic causes blood thinning and hence should be taken only after an advice from a medical practitioner. I hope this article on garlic oil for ear infection must have given you sufficient information about how garlic oil keeps you away from ear problems.

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