Excess Mucus, Partial Loss of Hearing in One Ear.
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Excess Mucus, Partial Loss of Hearing in One Ear.

For five weeks now, have had partial loss of hearing in one ear, and excess mucus with no cough. These are my only two symptoms. I feel fine, there is no ear pain, no fever. My ear itches, and when I "push" in on it, I hear a squishing sound. My nose is clear--I can breathe "all the way up" in both nostrils. Am doing salt water nasal washing, salt water gargling, Vicks around my nose, 2,500 mgs. of Vitamin C each day, garlic pills, and a full complement of vitamins. Have used peroxide in the outer ear and warm water flushing of the outer ear. What do you think I have? Is it serous otitis media? And how much longer might I have my hearing loss?

Asked on Jun 30, 2010Improve / edit this question

1 Answers

Taylor Rios   L4: Guide   33 answers   +17 votes
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I have completely lost my hearing before because of a huge ball of wax in the ear... if the flushes aren't helping, a doctor can take a special solution and a huge syringe and pull it out - the bigger the waxball, the more it will hurt coming out, but then you will be able to hear again! Whatever you do, don't use a q-tip as this just pushes it down further.

Posted on Jul 1, 2010

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