Surprising Things That Cause Hearing Loss
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Surprising Things That Cause Hearing Loss

Other reasons that people lose their hearing are because of vascular diseases.

Hearing is one of the body's five senses. When a person experiences hearing loss, it changes their lives. If the hearing loss is due to aging or some common causes, you may be able to wear a hearing aid, which helps the ear collect the sounds. If the hearing loss is severe, you may need to learn a different way to understand people and the environment. You will find that there are many causes for hearing loss. However they fall into two categories--sensorineural hearing loss and conductive hearing loss.

Conductive hearing loss is associated with something blocking the ear canal such as wax, hematoma or some other foreign material. This is the easiest form of hearing loss to correct. Sensorineural hearing loss can be the result of damage to the nerves or hair cells that capture or sense the sound waves. If you experience sudden hearing loss, it may be due to a blood circulation problem or due to some type of trauma. If hearing loss is gradual, it may be the result of a tumor or aging. Ringing or a sensation of spinning may be the result of a problem with the brain or nerves in the ear itself.

Some reasons for hearing loss are due to acoustic trauma, which results from listening to loud noises constantly. This could be concerts, rock or classical, jackhammers or any other job related noises or even the home stereo system. Another reason for hearing loss is pressure trauma experienced by divers. Head trauma can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss depending on the amount of damage done to the temporal bone.

Other reasons that people lose their hearing are because of vascular diseases such as leukemia and diabetes as well as diseases that produce excessive clotting of the blood. Infections such as Herpes, influenza and measles are just some of the many infections that can cause hearing loss as well as having a high fever for a long period. People who smoke or use recreational drugs such as cocaine or heroin can experience some form of hearing loss. People who use the Val Salva (holding your nose and blowing) method to unplug the ears on a plane or in the higher elevations can rupture the oval window of the ear causing a loss of hearing.

Those who suffer from hearing loss due to Ototoxcity have done so because of chemicals or drugs they have taken previously. When chemicals or drugs damage the inner ear, one is experiencing hearing loss due to Ototoxcity, which can be permanent or temporary. Many people are amazed at what can cause the loss of hearing. You may find that prescription drugs such as some types of antibiotics can cause hearing loss as well as some anti-cancer drugs. Many people who have used certain diuretics have experienced a loss of hearing after a time.

Not only can Ototoxcity cause hearing loss, the ear damage can also help people with Meniere's disease. When a person has this disease, they can experience bouts of a spinning sensation and dizziness as well as ringing in the ears. By using some of the ototoxic drugs, these people have actually improved the symptoms of Meniere's disease. If one experiences any type of hearing loss, they need to seek medical attention to determine the cause and treatment. If the hearing loss if permanent, a hearing aid may be prescribed by the doctor.

Temporary hearing loss may require changing the prescription drugs you are using to a drug that does not have any side effects that affect the hearing or the ears in general.

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