Tinnitus - Causes, Symptoms and Natural Cures
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Tinnitus - Causes, Symptoms and Natural Cures

A ringing sound in ear is the symptom of tinnitus. It can be triggered by salt, alcohol, tobacco and other foods. Long time exposure to loud sounds can also cause ringing sound. There are natural remedies like herbs, yoga, magnetic therapy, hypnosis and acupuncture. The symptoms should not be overlooked. The ringing is accompanied by severe pain in serious conditions.

Have you ever experienced a ringing in your ears? Do you hear funny sounds sometimes? This is the symptom of the health condition known as tinnitus. It is often accompanied by unbearable pain in severe conditions. There are natural remedies for tinnitus which includes acupuncture, magnetic therapy, herbal cure and hypnosis.

What are the causes of tinnitus?

  1. Blood pressure variation
  2. Thyroid problems
  3. Ear infections
  4. Wax in ear
  5. Exposed to sound for longer period of time
  6. Head injury
  7. Brain injury
  8. Allergy
  9. Antibiotic side effects
  10. Side effects of aspirin, sleeping pills and anti swelling pills
  11. Age
  12. Triggers also include excessive salt, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, colds, sweeteners and medicines

What are the types of tinnitus?

  1. Tonal

The patient hears a ringing sound all the time.

       2. Pulsatile

The patient hears a sound which rhythms with the pulse.

       3. Objective

People around the patient can hear the ringing sound.

Other sounds like roaring, buzzing, whistling and beeping can also be heard by people who suffer from this health condition.  Some people hear only one type of sound whereas some patients hear a combination of the sounds mentioned above.

What are the symptoms of tinnitus?

  1. Sounds
  2. Pain
  3. Dizziness
  4. Irritation
  5. Headaches

What are the natural cures for tinnitus?

Natural treatments do not pose serious health hazards. They are preferred because they provide immense relief. Homeopathy uses medicines like graphites, coffea cruda, lycopodium, chininum sulphuricum and cimicifuga. Aroma therapy uses oils like rose, lemon, rosemary and cypress to relieve the pain and sound. Yoga is very good in treating tinnitus. The ‘dhara ‘is an effective method for curing most problems related to the head. Oil is allowed to slowly drip on the head of the patient. Taking oil baths is also good for preventing this condition from occurring again.

Natural herbs like ginkgo biloba and cohosh are good for curing tinnitus.  The leaf extracts are also useful in curing diseases like dizziness, headaches, lack of memory and depression. Other natural treatment includes hypnosis, magnet therapy, hyperbaric oxygen and cranio sacral therapy. These treatments are aimed at reducing the discomfort and pain that the patient experiences.

Vitamin deficiency also causes tinnitus. Potassium, magnesium and zinc deficiency can cause the ringing sound. Herbal healers prescribe sesame seeds because they contain vitamins that will reduce the ringing sound. Other vitamins like vitamin A, E, B, C and Folic acid are also very good in preventing and reducing the symptoms of this condition.

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Very well presented. Thank you.

Thank you for the informaton. This is a excellent article and I will try some of the Homeopathy remedies.

Thanks for this information regarding tinnitus.

Thanks for your support guys, Now I know who really cares. My system power supply had fused, so I was not able to thank you earlier

It's a very annoying symptom.  Helpful article.

Excellent work

Thanks Raja

I have not had this happen but know other people who have. You outline the issue well here.

The natural cures here are not actionable. Me as a reader wouldn't know how to use those natural remedies. I guess I just have to ask an expert.

"Sound" information and good research. My husband, a musician, is plagued by this. Thanks for the remedies.

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