Various Treatments That Provide Relief of Tinnitus
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Various Treatments That Provide Relief of Tinnitus

This article seeks to explain various approaches to provide relief of tinnitus.

The irritating sound of ringing in the ear that does not seem to go away is called Tinnitus. This condition is one of the signs of an ear infection or injury although there are many possible causes to this condition. There are a various methods to treat tinnitus. Treatments can vary from masking, medications and surgery. Although these methods are proven to give relief of Tinnitus, it is not a guarantee that the ringing will go away permanently.

• Masking the sound of ringing. This is the most common treatment used to treat tinnitus. Masking the ringing sound is done through the use of ear gadgets. White noise machine is a masking method that produces water sounds, forest sounds and soft music which are soothing to the ear and masks the ringing sound that offers some relief of tinnitus. Hearing aids on the other hand, allows the sufferer to understand clearly what is being relayed. There are other tinnitus devices that works just as similar to the devices already mentioned.

• The Faucet test for possible masking treatment. If you are a suffering from Tinnitus, this is a simple test done to know if you are a perfect candidate for the masking treatment. To do the test, you will have to stand next to a running faucet. If the sound of the running water from the faucet helps the ringing sound unnoticed then the masking treatment should work for you. There are cases that water sounds does not help, it may mean that loss of hearing is involved where a higher pitched sound is more appropriate.

• Possible Medications. The fact is medications cannot really give cure to tinnitus however they are seen to decrease the effects of the condition. Antidepressant drugs are given to severe cases of tinnitus. If other treatment worked, these drugs are not really prescribed because of known side effects such as dry mouth, constipation and heart trouble. There are other drugs that can be addictive although it proves to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus but not cure the root of the problem.

• Possible Surgery. This type of treatment is only given to those who suffer tinnitus due to ear injuries. In many cases, this is not a guarantee that it can totally resolve the problem as tinnitus usually roots from the brain. The hearing nerve may be divided to provide relief of tinnitus and this should only be done by surgeons who specialize in auditory nerve functions.

There are other areas that need to be taken in consideration before coming up with the right treatment for tinnitus. For instance, if the cause of the ringing sound is caused by a wax build up, then working around to remove the wax in the ear canal is the perfect approach. There are some tinnitus cases that are due to some medical conditions. When these medical conditions are treated, the ringing sound naturally goes away too. Doctors will trace your medical history and may ask a lot of related questions in order to come up with the right treatment. Whatever the case maybe, when signs of tinnitus are noted, you can always resort to masking for a temporary relief of tinnitus.

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